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A Wiki is a collaboratively-edited website which many people also view as an anarchistic publishing tool. The distinguishing feature of wikis is that they typically allow users to edit any page, with full freedom to edit/change/delete the work of previous authors. (Many people wonder how this can work. One reason is that abuses can be easily fixed by the next editor. See /Tools?/WikiErase?.) Other typical wiki features include:

  • A simple set of /TextFormattingRules which allow access to a subset of HTML.
  • Easy creation of links to wiki pages:
    • To create links in most wikis, simply join capitalized words.
    • A question-mark link "?" means that the previous wiki link is not yet defined. Click on the "?" link to define the new page.
    • To link to an outside URL, simply type it, like http://www.gnu.org/
  • A RecentChanges page, which lists pages that have been edited recently.

The oldest public wiki (the Portland Pattern Repository) was created in 1995, and remains active as of early 2002. You can visit the PPR at [Wiki:WelcomeVisitors]

Wikis are a unique and interesting way of organizing a web community.

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