2001 Apr 26 (Thu), 10:48 Testing 1...2...3...

This is not really a diary entry.... it is really more of a test to see if my new "mod_virgule" enhancement to my noNews code actually works now for posting to both my site and Advogato's. If it does in fact work, I will be very pleased.

Basically, I am still working on noNews, inspite of Noink's demise. I like what I have done with it so far. If I ever do start Noink2 (hmm...) then I would really like to integrate what I have with noNews as well..

Anyway, enough ramblings... this was supposed to just be a test!

2001 Apr 28 (Sat), 09:32 Excellent Degenerate

Just finished Oni for my PS2 this morning (well.. finished for the second time, to see the alternate ending). This was one awesome game.... Definately a must-have for the PS2 (combine it with Kessen and SSX and the PS2 is shaping up to be a great console ;-). Now my only problem is that there doesn't seem to be any complete walkthru for the game online yet! Why is this a problem? Well, the box says there's supposed to be 17 levels, and I only went thru 14. So obviously I missed something (or they misprinted on the box ;-) ... and I want to know what it was. I was hoping the alternate ending would give me some idea... but it didn't. Still... a great game.

Project Quickies:
  • SAMport: I have been busy trying to write a korelib plugin for SAMprt to get the VA Linux demo of Aethera ready... but Korelib's documentation leaves a bit to be desired (sorry, it just does). So I am having a harder time than anticipated.
  • Tux Typing: I think I have already mentionned that I am working on the final blocking issues for the 0.8 release. All I need is to finish up the Word Cascade Tutorial code. We already have had sufficient bugfixes and code cleanups to warrant the 0.8 release.... I just have stated before that I wanted this last tutorial by 0.8 so that the 0.9 cycle can focus entirely on bugfixes and stabilization.
Other that these.... nothing new. Today my wife and I will be spending most of the day weeding (our yard is a disgrace ;-) . BTW, I think my next game to play will be MDK2 for my Dreamcast (which is a game I have kept putting off because of some other game I have been involved playing).