2002 May 1 (Wed), 10:54 ambidextrous scallywags
Okay, only a few minutes for a QND update while a system reclones... so here it goes:

I finally admitted that I'm gonna be extremely busy until Saturday and wont get much done for Tux4Kids. The first things I'll finish up when the weekend hits are the various group/committees (such as Bug-tracking, Release Management, and PR). Basically, I have to finalize setting everyone up on the webserver and with mailing lists. I really will need to hurry with this, because the new project manager for tux typing is getting ansy for a new release (not that I blame him, it's been, what, like 9 months since our last one because of me ;-) Plus, I still need to work on Tux of Math Command, getting that project back in the land of the living and getting some others to support it (I'm not the manager there, but I sort of dropped the bomb anyway because of the way the site has been set up in the past, and that all changes to it must go through me.... Thankfully, we have this new donated dev box which will help out with that... IF I can ever finalize everything on it. And don't even get me started on xMP!

Another thing I want to do... totally unrelated to my projects, is spend plenty of time this weekend playing GTA3. I finally managed to get it this last week (it's been a while, but hey, I'm broke ;-) Anyway.... must make time to play this over the weekend.

Other than these... more updates later ;-)

2002 May 1 (Wed), 12:40 assonant octosyllable

Two small updates:
What is "QND"? If you read my last entry, and was wondering what QND is (I know I've gotten a couple of e-mails about it), QND == "Quick'N'Dirty". It's just a hackish thing I made up several years ago on the original Tux Typing dev mailing list. It caught on with several of my friends and some people I develop with online.

Themes.org: Apparently it's now going to be part of Freshmeat, which is cool. It's too bad they can't keep the old t.o web-graphics, but at least the software will be more robust running it. You can read the PR here.

2002 May 4 (Sat), 11:26 KLEZ!!!! (said like Capt. James T. Kirk screamed "Kahn!")

I am so sick of Klez! Why the hell do people still use Windows? What is wrong with them?! (And those statements come from someone who is supposed to be a Windows SysAdmin!) Klez has caused sooooo many problems this last few weeks! It now beats my other all-time least favorite virus, SirCam. I have gotten so much excessive e-mail from this damned virus! Plus, my address has now been submitted to SpamCop because some prick out there had my address in their Outlook addressbook and Klez started sending viral spam posing as me. Klez has been so bad, that even anti-virus software companies have been accused of sending viral spam.

I use Procmail, if anyone has a recipe for fighting Klez, please let me know ;-)

Anyway... this wasn't a real update. I'm busy doing other things... it's just kind of hard getting things done when you have 300 unfiltered Klez-relate virual spam waiting for you in your Inbox that you have to sort through >:-(

2002 May 12 (Sun), 15:11 Know what? Chicken Butt.

Wow, busy week. Where to start.... How about most recent (since it's in my mind) and work my way back?
  • Yesterday we had another IRC Chat for Tux4Kids. This time we primarily talked about Tux Typing. There were lots of interesting things discussed, you can read the summary I wrote of it here.
  • I finally have started making the transition over to the new dev sever for our release management. As soon as I can get Cal up and running there we can start having more organized (and delegated ;-) releases.
  • Likewise, I have gotten the PR Group and bug tracking started. Thankfully, for the bug tracking, Jake already knows what to do there... so I wont need to spend much time training.
  • I've gone and revamped the CSS style sheets everywhere. Both on my homepage and on the Tux4Kids main page. This is because I really really love the new Anti-Aliased font support in Mozilla and like seeing everything so smooth. Unfortunately, I can only get Konqueror to default to using Courier on every page with the fonts I wanted to use, so I had to make this kludge of calling everything with the prefix "Adobe". It seems that it makes the page render in a large number of browsers just fine, whether they have the Adobe fonts or not (many, if not all, seem to just fall back on non-Adobe fonts with the same name). If anyone has any problems with these sites, please let me know.
  • Spam sucks. And Vipul's Razor has been catching fewer than it used to (I expect it's because more people are using it without setting up something like a spam-trollbox or reporting new spam they get), so I've gone ahead and implimented the same procmail recipe I had set up for the dev server. This means in addition to Vipul's Razor, I'm also using many other recipes. Hopefully this will kill it all off.
  • Klez sucks. I guess no one has made a procmail recipe to kill it off. Damn thing. Like I said last week, I use Linux, so there's no concern of infection... But it sure does make a lot of noise in my INBOX.

Other than these, I have no real news. Perhaps I will later on today... or perhaps it'll take another week before I update this diary again ;-)