2003 Dec 3 (Wed), 16:16 Enter the plague...
Holy fricking cow. My in-laws came down for a visit for Thanksgiving and they brought the plague. My wife and I have been horribly ill since Sunday. I seriously haven't been this sick in a couple of years. Apparently, this flu thing that has been going around (which I assume I have) even put my mother in the hospital (of course, she's in her 70s). Damn it's been miserable. I was running a 104 degree temp all day on monday, and pushing 102 yesterday. Today I'm calmed down a bit, but still have a hackish cough that I cant quite shake.

Anyway, long story short, if you're expecting me to reply to a message or deal with one of the many things that I need to (wtf?) give me a day or two. I'm recovering, and I'll get there sooner or later.

As far as the Turkey Day visit was concerned, it was actually pretty enjoyable. Cassie and I didn't get sick until the day they left, so we actually spent the vacation relatively well and active. We ate so flipping much! We went out to eat every night, and had four pies on Thanksgiving! (Of course, there were 7 people there, so it's not quite so scandalous).

I'll admit that I was apprehensive going into the vacation: Cassie's father is a retired military man (the "Kernel") and likes micro-trips (the ones where you spend more time driving than visitting)- he also doesn't like to spend much money, even though he's loaded. He was having his family stay on the DMAFB because it would only cost him $25 per night. Naturally, with all my anti-war/bush things I've been involved with lately I was very apprehensive about this. Ultimately, however, it was really nice. $25 per night got a two bedroom unit that was very nice, and aside from two times where we were treated like terrorists at the gate (and the countless other times we were simply inconvienienced) it was alright that they were there.

Today was the first day I've been well enough to actually sit at the computer. Maybe I'll send some email in a bit, but for now, this is a quick way to get info around as to what's up with me.

2003 Dec 5 (Fri), 10:49 Urghalicious

Still sick, but getting mighty restless.... So I'm scoping what I've missed online in the last week. Here's a recap, in case any of you missed any of this...

Hah-hah... and brilliant reply (as always... I love Groklaw).

Okay, I've been a Sega fanboy for a while now, but this goes too far. Sega seems to be falling into the old sterotypical syndrome that SCO fell into: If we can't make money off of our products, why don't we make money off of litigation! Sad, really, because they do have some great talent (Yuji Naka hasn't done much lately, but Yu Suziki is still a god).

Then there's this. In two words: "Who cares?" I can't believe that this person was rated more popular than Linus. For what? Watching some slightly chunky (and I like slightly chunky) girl parade around with her mutts, brushing her teeth, sleeping, and listenning to her loser boyfriend play guitar? All of this, just in case you get to glimpse some skin? And don't go calling me a whippersnapper, because I ain't. I remember this dumb site when it twas young, and I never cared for it then. I had more important things to do like my fear page or my Animaniacs Quote of the Day. I don't know what my point was... I'm getting too old for this.