2003 Feb 4 (Tue), 17:51 It'll be the death of us all....
Well, it didn't get tied for #1 spot on my deserted island games list for nothing.... Animal Crossing for the GameCube has been completely, and totally occupying my time lately. Several weeks back my wife and I rented this game, got so into it that we had to buy it, and since then, it has been consuming nearly every free moment. What can I say? I'm ashamed. Not only do I have scads of things on my plate I need to get done for Tux4Kids, I also have other video games to play that I got for Xmas. Plus, there is the little matter of various administrata such as laundry, housework and eating. Every time I think I'm gonna put it down I get some new damned NES game, wallpaper, or flippin' furniture. I suck. Of course, Cassie sucks too because she's just as addicted as I am.

Anyway... if you're waiting on something for me... just be patient. I'm doing my best, but it's like I'm a freakin' junkie.

2003 Feb 4 (Tue), 22:41 Suck my Cox.net

Okay, really punchy because I'm really tired... but everything I've tried to do tonight has been hampered by lousy Cox and their lousy DNS resolution (for some odd reason, several times tonight their DNS just stopped working. Unfortunately, one of these times was during a CVS update to tux4kids images of a bunch of stamps I've made for tuxpaint...)

At any rate, I respectfully ask that everyone be even more patient than I already asked today. I've gotten scads of e-mail because of Tux4kids mention over at Newsforge, and I'm still sorting through everything :-)

2003 Feb 7 (Fri), 08:29 OS/2 Wrought

Setting up OS/2 Warp(ed) as a task in my job right now (right now, as in I am doing it right now as I type this)... and I have some very interesting observations on it:
  • Apparently, OS/2 Warp is my on-ramp to the information superhighway.
  • My HELL! How many flippin' floppy disks do you need to require for install before it becomes necessary to move it all to CD? 'Cuz OS/2 (version 3) has gotta be pushing it.
  • Why is it I have a "Sources & Solutions" handbook, a customer service and support pamphlet, a book on license information, and a user response card, but no installation anything?
  • Is there any reason why floppy access seems so mind-numbingly slow under OS/2?
  • How can an IBM printer made when OS/2 was still being produced, not be supported under OS/2?
  • How can the enter key not be mapped correctly in OS/2's FDISK?
Why am I going through all of this? No one uses OS/2 anymore... heck, IBM doesn't even support it anymore (to my knowledge)... Well, I'm doing this because we still have some... how can I put this politely? ... backwoodsy, old-school, set-in-their-ways, yet very well funded parts in our dept. that use this clunker of an OS.

Anyway, not proper update by any stretch of the imagination... but I just needed to vent...

2003 Feb 9 (Sun), 23:10 Games rock

Not a proper update at all... Just wanted to say 'GG' to all the ClanAM gamers that joined me tonight. Finally a night worthy of the memory of those great games from last year! Here's hoping that Sunday nights keep working as well for everyone as tonight did.

Also, hmmmm, what's this?

2003 Feb 10 (Mon), 16:45 TuxPaint Stamps Ready

...and in need of someone else to run with them... Volunteers are most encouraged ;-)

Read about it here.

2003 Feb 13 (Thu), 22:19 Busy as a Beaver on Crack

Just checking in to report that I have become way too busy as of late. At work, we're having all sorts of odd issues (anyone know how to make apps like WS-FTP LE change their create mask when connected to a *nix box? [Cuz they sure aint obeying 'umask'!] Or, is there another free FTP/SFTP app like it that someone can recommend which allows you to modify the create mask, and yet still doesn't require browse permissions on parent directories? [unlike SSH for windows]).... But I think I have resolved our whole profiles problem with the new SAMBA upgrade, so I'm heading in over the weekend to move a few more people over to the new Linux box.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I will be busy this weekend too. This means, I probably wont get to everything else I've been meaning to (such as finishing up noNews-p2p, which is quite close to a working version thanks to Jake's hard work, or doing more stamps for TuxPaint, or doing the much needed icons for Jesse's TT2...)

Also, I have oodles of mail to my personal account I'm yet to respond to. If you have anything pressing to ask me, please use my work addy instead (read this for more info).

2003 Feb 13 (Thu), 22:39 Beardy Guy

Okay, just one more thing before I go to bed.... this screenshot was taken in 1999. As you can see from it, I had a beard back then. This means I've had a beard for at least 4 years (I dont remember when I first grew it)! Damn... I could be in need of a change.

2003 Feb 19 (Wed), 21:48 Goodness, gracious, great balls of resumes!

Well, finally got around to updating my resume. What's this? you ask. Are you looking for a new job? No, I'm fairly happy in my current job (but I sure will be glad when this SAMBA transition is over and I can put the last NT box into a deep slumber). Actually, I'm taking a technical writing class (I was hoping it would help me learn how to write grants and junk for Tux4Kids, but thus far, all it's done is occupy my precious time) and our first big assignment is to do a resume and personal information packet. So it's nothing very exotic.

BTW, I really don't like the way the resume looks now. I think it was more aesthetically pleasing before. But I'm trying to better utilize my margins at the request of my teacher, which I guess is a pretty good idea, it just makes my resume look busier than I first wanted.

Also, yes I am going to be making some animated menu icons for Tux Typing 2 (for Jesse). No, I don't know when I'll get to them. After this assignment, I have an argumentative paper due in a 500 level mathematical philosophy course I'm just taking for "fun". And after that, I will be coming in over the weekend to continue my SAMBA transition at work (weekends are best for those sorts of things since no one is around!)