2003 Nov 2 (Sun), 22:28 Hellious Rebelious
My older monitor died... so I got a new one this weekend. No real big changes here, not like I've switched to something bigger or a plasma or something... Basically went from one 21" to another, but the key here is that the other was free (at least, until it is called back home).

My big question is this: Why did changing monitors change some of my fonts? Okay, sure I had to reconfigure X (I'm one of those modeline freaks that doesn't think that XFree86 4.x's defaults are good enough), but as far as I know, I didn't do anything else. Basically, everything else is the same, except anytime I have monospace fonts on my homepage:
Like This
now the font is like "chevera". But only on my page. Elsewhere it's fine. Guess I need to see what happenned to those fonts I have mentionned in CSS.

Anyway... my class is over. This is kind of a relief because I now have my saturdays back. It's also a problem because I ain't scheduled to be teaching until January, and these next two months will be rather lean. Plus, with the turmoil the program is going through, I may not ever be teaching there again.

So.... anyone needing any services from me? Heh, heh... I am trying to run my consulting business. I have several clients now, I just need some time to revise the website (all my customers have been interested in is the "on-deman" system administration I offer. So I'm changing that to be my focus.

Oh.. it was my birthday last week (obviously). I got some caffeinated soap and a USB Memory Watch, as well as .hack: part 2 and The Office.

2003 Nov 4 (Tue), 09:58 I'm 10 all over again...

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Sega Ages Space Harrier!

6.3? Eh, screw the review and screw the reviewer. Space Harrier is one of my all time favorite games! It was a game that I relentlessly played in the arcade (even beat the bugger... after about $6 in quarters ;-) and it was the reason I originally chose the SMS over the NES (of course, later when Nintendo proved to be assholes I gained appreciation for my decision... Of course, now big N's been humbled and their Cube is righteous!)

Anyway... I must have this game. I must.