2003 Oct 2 (Thu), 09:54 Crushing... Stampeding... Stress...
OKay guys... no time to really write (been quite busy lately with my classes I teach and my other work) but I just read this and wanted to comment.

First of all, I think that too many people in the Linux community have ignored this statement. I think we should all applaud SGI for not only making this statement but for performing their own internal checks as to whether or not SCO has a case. I'm glad they owned up to "inadvertently [including]" code from System V that was "in fact were redundant from the start". I'm also pleased they released patches to elliminate this code from anyone's system which may include it. I am also absolutely thrilled that they clarified that SGI's XFS filesystem is their property and we can legally continue to use it (I love XFS and use it all the time).

So, while I'm not really bashing IBM, I have to give SGI props that they released a well researched statement so quickly after SCO started bearing down on them (whereas it took IBM several months before they did something similar).

2003 Oct 5 (Sun), 16:55 Crazy Cricket Crusher

Got sick of trying to track down a way to have an email-to-SMS gateway for my Cricket Cell Phone (so that my *nix machines I maintain can contact me in case of emergency, and other reasons). I found some messages floating around (like this) that allude to the fact it is possible, but no one would ever return my querries or point me in the right direction.

So, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't possible (at least in the states), so I made my own gateway.

Basically, I have this hackish quickie that interfaces their web-interface (I know it doesn't work under Konqueror or Mozilla, it uses some screwy Javascript that is probably MS-centric, I dunno, I don't care and didn't investigate further) and acts as a gateway between whatever (scripts, email, etc) and Cricket's SMS system.

You can get the script here... if you're so inclined. It's GPL'ed, even though the script is rather small. I intend to add to it and do some other junk with it so I wanted to license it early.

It'll work as long as they dont remove or drastically change their web interface. So, now their otherwise useless messaging system ($5 per month just to message with other Cricket phones?!) can actually be a bit more useful.

Oh, and if anyone knows of a better way to do this, feel free to contact me.

2003 Oct 6 (Mon), 20:14 Dorkacilious

Tux4kids.org may stop resolving in some areas after Oct 10th. The reason is because I spaced on the domain renewal. Sorry folks, I'm a dork. It should only be temporarily, I swear.

2003 Oct 20 (Mon), 09:48 Bleh


Also, I know Tux4kids.org is still not resolving. Yeargh. I still don't know what the hold up is. I'm waiting to find out, but it's killing me. In the interim, you can get the material here. And, of course, dev is still occuring.

2003 Oct 23 (Thu), 21:26 America: OFFLINE

Been following TruthOut, MoveOn and Democracy Now! quite a bit lately. Hell, even mirroring truthout in case The Man tries and wipe it out.

Anyway, so it was funny when I got this message in my inbox:
   Message from america.com

   Message delivery failed.
Of course, it's just because some schmuck with Gibe-F had both my email addy and America.com in their cache. Still, 'twas funny, no?

Oh, and I know tux4kids.org is still not resolving right. The whole damned thing is screwed up. I need to find some nice place which will donate domain management to us so we can avoid crap like this.