2003 Sep 2 (Tue), 10:47 I love Taurine
I've mentionned I love Monster Energy drinks before in my diary. Well, I still do. I'm a chronic insomniac (among other things) and tend to be pretty damned sleepy most days because of it. Sometimes I suspect I may be Tyler Durden... but until I beat myself up outside of a bar I wont know for certain...

Anyway, Monster contains Taurine... which I've done a bit of research on today. Turns out that 500mg of Taurine per day is used to treat patients with epilepsy....

Monster has over 2000mg per can!

Holy crap....

2003 Sep 12 (Fri), 12:02 WTF?

SCO's court date with IBM is set for April 11, 2005?!!.

What is anyone in the Linux community (myself included, just look at my previous diary entries) worried about?

Do you realize how much will change in the Linux kernel between now and 2005?! Just compare 2.6 with 2.4, or 2.4 to 2.2... They're dramatically different in very significant ways! The kernel of 2005 will be the same!

Let's say worse case scenario: SCO code is in Linux right now. IP theft occured, and over half the kernel is currently SCO code (highly unlikely and doubtful, but that's pretty much what SCO is claiming). In 2005 the kernel will be so different, any supposed code misappropriated will be gone, making the whole deal a moot point. All that will happen is people will be forced to update their kernels, which is something we ought to all be doing anyway!

Of course, I doubt they'll win anyway. Any fool can see the ignorance of their claims, and everything they've leaked/shown has been discredited anyway. Right now the strongest claim they have seems to be the whole SGI XFS thing, which is rather modular anyway and could be removed trivially (which would be terrible, I love XFS!) Of course, they aren't going after SGI, they're going after IBM.... Which is really more sour-grapes than anything else.

Anyway... the point of this entry is to point out that the court date is so far in the future that the whole matter will likely be moot one way or the other. And that those of you who, like me, have actually been unhealthily upset by the whole thing should probably just forget about it, as it probably wont be affecting you anyway.