2004 Feb 2 (Mon), 21:59 You like me, you really like me...
FEH! Stupid, spooty, time-wasting, cliquish, Orkut.... Dumb time-wasting communities... Dumb forums and albums... Dumb spidery web of friends... Dumb dumb dumb....

Dumb thing we all make fun of and yet still use...

2004 Feb 5 (Thu), 18:04 Two Dead IBM Drives Inna Drawer

Well, I've had it!

Today I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when all of a sudden a sound very much like a handfull of bolts in a high-speed blender begain emanating from my laptop. Wouldn't ya know it... 'twas the hard drive!

Popped the puppy out to replace it and, wouldn't you know it, it was an IBM Travelstar. Regular readers may remember my problem with another IBM drive last year. Damn... two IBM drives die on me in less than a year. What was up with that monster one in my old Aptiva (that is still functionning to this day?)

This time I managed to salvage data from it. I was able to actually move EVERYTHING into a larger drive... so it actually turned out better than last year's devistating crash. Of course, I had to waste a few hours to fix it....

These guys rule. Andre Benjamin is extraordinarily talented. Everything he has on these CDs is pure gold. If you have the slightest inkling, go out and get this album. If the language offends, get the "Clean" edit from someplace like Walmart. It's all good.

2004 Feb 9 (Mon), 09:50 Updates

Speedy updates.

1) Tux4kids.net is down. Sorry folks. We've been secretive about that server for a while now because it had been compromised and we were busily getting a new server ready to move it to. However, there's some problems with the new system so the move is being delayed a bit. Questions, get on #tux4kids on irc.freenode.net and ask.

2) Tux4kids.com will be moving to ibiblio hopefully soon. We'll be moving to the Tux4kids.info domain to keep with ibiblio's policy, but I plan on having redirects from tux4kids.com to keep links active. Eventually we will be getting .org back from the domain squatting bastard who took it... And we should be able to get it back without incident or further expense on our part.

3) I'm debating about setting up GForge on the new dev server for Tux4kids. Anyone interested in helping me out (like, oh, Idunno, someone who's done it before ;-) contact me (hart at physics dot arizona dot edu is the best addy right now).

2004 Feb 13 (Fri), 20:05 The end is nigh!

Okay folks, been quite busy lately so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

If you read my last entry, you know that tux4kids.net was compromised and we've rebuilt it. Well, Chris rebuilt it and I'm re-setting it back up ;-)

Anyway, the server is back online now, and to answer preemptively any further questions I may get from Tux4Kids developers: No accounts other than a few for system administration and set up are on it yet, no mailing lists are back online, no web-content other than a basic Drupal install is online, and no CVS repositories are back online. It will take a few days to get everything going again. We're taking our time to make sure we do things as secure as possible (hard, I know) as well as make things easier to maintain and monitor (that was the big problem before.... we're all so busy it was hard to do things right). So, Tux4Kids developers and interested parties, please be patient. Questions, direct them to #tux4kids on irc.freenode.net or email me.

Also, we're going to be doing things a bit differently now. In addition to the Tux4Kids dev server we've had previously, we will have another dev server graciously contributed by OSEF. This new box will be a Debian-box which will be running GForge (volunteers helping us get it running? ;-) This is to not only make dividing up the workload easier, it is also to not "put all our eggs in one basket", so to speak. We will also have the aforementioned ibiblio server (hopefully ;-)

Basically, this all means we're moving things around a bit, so that complicates things more. Still... be patient... it's in progress.

One last thing about tux4kids, I am going to change my role a bit there. I'm going to officially be the main sysadmin for the servers we run as well as project lead. This means I wont do any more development (at least for a while). I know, I know... I haven't done much development in a while (and what development I did do was of dubious quality at best)... I'm just making it more official.

Uh... I think that's it.

2004 Feb 22 (Sun), 13:56 Moving

I am going to be moving my sites (Geekcomix.com, BigManNetworks.com, SamHart.com, Tux4Kids.com, etc.) to new locations over the next few weeks. This means that you can expect outages on each of them. Dont worry, they will be coming back. Any questions, direct them to hart at physics.arizona.edu.