2004 Mar 2 (Tue), 19:11 Welcome Home
Well, I've mostly moved everything from my old home (2unet) to my new home (RimuHosting). Why the move? Well, there is the matter of price and features: Rimu is much less expensive and I get more bandwitdh, more disk space, and root access (under VPS). There's the fact I can run Debian (which is something I really want). Most importantly, however, there's the little matter of my previous hoster being partially responsible for me losing tux4kids.org. That sort of stuff generally leaves a bad taste in ones mouth.

Still, I did stick with them for a good 4 years, and I can't say that I was utterly disappointed in them. They had phenom uptime, great support, and the price wasn't terrible (it wasn't good, tho). So I kind-of still recommend them for anyone who really doesn't need root access on their machine.... Just dont let them manage any of your domains or DNS. Manage your DNS yourself with GoDaddy's total DNS control or a service like Zoneedit.com.

This VPS thing is pretty slick, but I suspect that I may be taxing the system too much. What I really need is a lot of power on my servers... not likely to be able to afford the power I need.... but oh well ;-)

Everything is moved over, but forgive me if I have permissions not quite right and some pages are inaccessible. As usual, be patient ;-)

Also, Tux4Kids.net should be back online tomorrow. Chris fixed the hosed libcurses (still dont know why the shells are dynamically linked against it) so we're back in business (hopefully... until I try to upgrade another library neglected by Sun ;-)

2004 Mar 9 (Tue), 16:53 Flee-Bag

Ehhh... so my new home is being pushed a bit too hard ;-) Perhaps I am trying to do too much (my email gateway, a mysql server, web-server, etc.) So I'll be offloading my email gateway to another machine.

Tux4Kids.net is back up... again. That's the last time I try to upgrade what seems like a non-consequential library (ncurses) on a Solaris box. Damn- can't believe that the shells are dynamically linked to it. I'll be restoring things as I find time.

Anyway, I'm freaking sick today. Yeargh! I hate sick.

2004 Mar 10 (Wed), 03:25 Mail

MX records for samhart.net changed. Here's hoping the move works correctly and that this eleviates some of the server load on samhart.net proper ;-) The hoster I'm trying out is TekTonic for my mail gateway.

BTW, folks, Champions of Norrath rocks. Got that for my wife to celebrate her finishing comps, and damn is that game fun! If you play it, look for a Dark Elf Knight named "Vis Maior" and you've found me...

2004 Mar 12 (Fri), 18:24 Wasting time on the company dime...

Ehhh... it's been a long week, and today is rather slow. I'm wanting to get outta here and play some games, but I know that wont happen as I have some consulting to do into the wee hours of the eve'.

Been reading this Linus on Linux in '94 reprint thing (in spite of the slashdot effect). Pretty interesting stuff. Some of my favorite quotes:
As to other ports: I'd really enjoy some port to newer and more exotic hardware like the DEC Alpha chips or the PowerPC

Wow, huh? "New and exotic hardware"! Where's the Alpha now, hmmm? (Too bad, actually, was a pretty sweet processor).
Then there are various interesting projects going on that I'd be very interested to see:
  • Windows emulation (being worked on, and the kernel support is already there);
  • i386 SysV binary compatibility (already in early stages of testing) etc.;
  • As well as the porting projects to various different hardware platforms, of course.
Windows emulation? Well, we have Wine now (which ain't too bad, I guess). i386 SysV binary compatibility? Shoot... that's a future lawsuit waiting to happen (har har har ;-)

Anyway, pretty interesting read.

BTW, the migration is complete to new servers. My email address is new (see my resume for my new one). All my mails to criswell@geekcomix.com are being dumped. Why? well, the vast majority of them are SPAM. Starting over with a fresh addy occassionaly is a good way to cure that ;-)

2004 Mar 13 (Sat), 20:46 Me outside with a hammer

Well, I now have a reason to go out back and smash myself in the head with a hammer until I lose all my knowledge of computer stuff.

Or... I suppose I could just watch this... Something tells me it would result in the same effect.

2004 Mar 22 (Mon), 16:28 Squinty Joe

Wow. All I can say is wow. I'm still waiting for my letter ;-)

I want my WM to have identity problems. Oh, and I really want to like E... Damnit... This DR17 looks so damned slick. Well, if the embedded tabs in Fluxbox continue to be enabled without the option to disable I may just make the switch.

Freaking hell... UT2k4 is like crack-cocaine. We played the hell outta it this weekend in clanam. Damn and dang.

No real updates? I know. I'm a lazy SOB.

2004 Mar 22 (Mon), 16:36 One more thing

Wow! I just found another person to loathe.

2004 Mar 26 (Fri), 20:23 MailMarshal has detected a Virus in your message

MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway) has stopped 
the following message:

   Message: B00002388f.00000001.mml
   From:    criswell@geekcomix.com
   To:      d.vila@rentantigua.com
   Subject: Mail Delivery (failure d.vila@rentantigua.com)

Because it believes the message contains a virus.
The virus scanning software used was: Sophos AntiVirus (SAVI2 Interface)
Virus name: W32/Netsky-P

Please clean the file and resend it.

MailMarshal Rule: Inbound Messages : Block Virus 

For more information on email virus scanning, security and content 
management, visit http://www.marshalsoftware.com
YEARGH! Sysadmins who still bounce viral warnings should be killed in the most gruesome way imaginable. They should be done so in a public-type arena to stand as warnings to other sysadmins.

Yeah, and MarshalSoftware.com, you are sure selling me on your email gateway. Boy, howdy, does it seem keen and dandy.

Freaking hell, my rather robust email gateway (the classnotes need updating) catches most of my spam and all of my viri, so now the only unsolicited crap I get in my inbox is from stupid MTAs set up by even stupider sysadmins. AAAARGH!

BTW, FFXI rocks. This damned game is too damned fun for its own damned good.

2004 Mar 26 (Fri), 20:26 Uhhh... Linux?

Just so I dont get any emails from people as dumb as this sysadmin- I run Linux. I use Mutt. I have not, nor ever will, distribute an email virus (intentionally or otherwise).