2004 Nov 15 (Mon), 14:19 Greetings from Indiana!
Welp, I made it. Apparently. Haven't had much time to update since I got here tho because I've been busy. But before I go into that, lemme tell you about my trip with some handy-dandy pictures I took with my Sharp TM150.

First of all, to show that this is a pretty decent little camera, here is a picture of me. That's back in Tucson (in the classroom prep room in the Physics Department at the U of A). The camera is 1 mega pixel, which, for a cell-phone, is really pretty good right now.

I started out from Tucson at 3pm on Saturday 23rd of Oct. The moving dorks had picked up my stuff the day before, and I had stayed in Tucson one more day to wrap things up. I ultimately only made it to Las Cruces, NM that night. Pretty pathetic, I know, but I had had a very long week.

In Las Cruces I stayed at the "Days End Lodge" at 755 N. Valley Dr. (505-524-7753). This is a little rat-trap hotel out in a scary part of town (honestly, all of the town I saw was scary) but which allows pets and was dirt cheap. The shower didn't seem to have any hot-water I could tell, which was rough because when I woke up the next morning it was freaking cold outside (my car reported it being in the low 50s).

Sunday I drove up through Albuquerque, then over across the upper part of Texas. In Texas I saw the largest cross in the western hemisphere... or so they claimed. The picture is crappy because it was taken from my car (obviously). You can see my PDA/GPS sitting on the dash. The cross appeared to be made from aluminum siding. A more tacky display I would have a hard time imagining.

I made it to Oklahoma City, OK that night and stayed at the "Holiday Inn" at 6200 N. Robinson Ave (405-843-5558). This place was more expensive than the place in Las Cruces, but man was it ever a Palace in comparison. If you are ever travelling through Oklahoma City and need a place with way friendly people, a beautiful pool (that I wish I could have used), and in a great location, I recommend this place highly. Plus, they allow pets! This place rocked.

The next day (Monday) I drove up through Tulsa and then St. Louis. In St. Louis I saw the Arch, again taking crappy pictures from my car. I arrived at my new home in Carmel, IN that night at around 8:30pm local time. All told, the trip was 1838 miles in 2.5 days. Not too shabby for driving alone.

Tuesday morning they brought my stuff. I did take some pictures of my place before they showed up. Then, the bastard movers came. I went with Horizon Movers which is somehow a part of United. The whole experience kind of sucked. The movers were rude (calling my stuff "Shit") and the move coordinator back in Tucson didn't tell me anything I needed to know. They broke dishes and demolished my father's antique desk. I don't think I would either go with them again or recommend them to anyone else.

Anyway... I have other pictures post-move, and this seems as good a place as any to show them.
  • We have this local grocery chain called "Marsh" that, of course, has their own generic brands for everything. Well, I found it funny that they were using a brown rat to sell my chocolate mix.
  • This is where I work. Progeny is on the first floor to the left in this picture.
  • This is my shed. Why do I have this? Well, it has a funny story behind it. The previous tenants of my home had a teenage son who had created a shrine to 2 Pac in this shed. I envisioned this little boy running to his shed when his days got too rough, crying next to his shrine saying "One day, 2 Pac, I'm leaving this place! You and me, 2 Pac, thugs for life!"
  • Sporting goods stores are everywhere out here. It's kinda crazy. Anyway, in one of them I found famous sportsman action figures. Egads! Check out the beef-eating sunovabitch in the background too. Pretty much sums up my neighbors ;-)
  • This is cute Gena looking outside in my dining room.
  • This pig-sty will be my computer room, once I am unpacked.
Anyway... That's that... for now. Check out my hacker's page at work for updates to what I'm doing there.

2004 Nov 17 (Wed), 13:33 FLOSS work

As many of you probably know, my new job pays me to work on Free/Libra/Open-Source Software (man, what we have to do to please everyone ;-)

I have made a page for this work. Right now, it's pretty damned barren. But stay tuned.

2004 Nov 17 (Wed), 14:07 New Car

Oh, and for those interested, here is my new car. Ignore the fugly orange faux plate from the dealer.

Yes, I know it's a Honda Accord. But have you driven one of the new high-end Accords recently? V6 engine, heated leather seats, 6-disc CD changer. Dang. Almost makes me wanna consume more oil.

2004 Nov 17 (Wed), 14:08 Oh, and BTW

For those STILL waiting for responses from me on things.. I'm sorry. Still not 100% settled in my new home and don't yet have my home system hooked up. Plan on doing it this weekend. Sorry folks... Stay tuned.

2004 Nov 23 (Tue), 17:25 Rockin

Just saw sadlittlewebjournal in action over at the author's website. Wow, color me impressed. Actually, the whole ASCII thing to the site is pretty rockin'. I kinda wish my theming engine didn't suck so badly so I could do such cool things here... But oh well.

I am looking forward to this upcoming break to finish up more unpacking. I still haven't got my computer set up... and I still haven't got a chair for the computer room anyway. Grr... Stupid moving... Stupid moving stupid messing up my stupid life...