2004 Oct 3 (Sun), 23:04 Good news on the way
You know all this rampant negativism that has consumed my web-log as of late? Well, just to let you know, your humble narrator will soon be having some real horrorshow news.

Stay tuned....

2004 Oct 4 (Mon), 16:07 From the "And this is news?" department...

Right here.

Oh, any my news... More later, but I have a new job.

2004 Oct 7 (Thu), 18:30 I am going to hell...

...But not for the reasons you think...

I cannot believe that people are still trying to pass RPG gaming as a demonic activity... There are some really, really idiotic people out there. Sex, drugs and RPGs?! Have you seen the people who play RPGs?! These people couldn't find sex with a $50 bill while standing in the outskirts of Las Vegas! Egads man!

Sex, drugs and RPGs?! Man, I must be playing the wrong RPGs.... Somehow I seem to be missing out on all this sex and drugs I should be getting.

Oh and Satan worship.... Yeah, I'm missing out on that. Every single time I'm walking through Windurst among the Tarutaru I am on the virge of throwing up The Horns and pledging my undying support of... whatever....

Here's the deal, guy, there's plenty of other genuinely evil things in this world right now. Perhaps, instead of going after a bunch of sunlight-shy geeks in a basement you should go after those people systematically killing off people based upon race, religion and ideology.

2004 Oct 7 (Thu), 18:44 But look who's coming with me!

I really don't mean to continue to harp on this but... FREAKING HELL! Did you see the ecclesiastical leader that this poor wayward girl turned to for advice! I don't know about you, but every picture I've ever seen of a Satan-worshipper sure looked a lot like this guy. He even has the Ming the Merciless goatee!

Looking at this guy actually puts a certain Biblical scripture passage in my mind: Matthew 7:15-23.

BTW, that preacher is on page 20 of that little PDF file. He is the one she goes to for advice. And such very sage and tempered advice it is. Nothing inflammatory or that would make you want to go out and beat people. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" kind of advise coming from this guy.

2004 Oct 7 (Thu), 19:57 Fake Advertisement?

Okay, now I'm getting reports that this was just a big hoax to advertise for a RPG... So, is this real or not! ;-)

2004 Oct 7 (Thu), 19:58 Grrr

Guess so.... man... I guess these guys really are evil...

2004 Oct 14 (Thu), 15:50 GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

It's times like these that I remember why I drew this comic strip. Moving, new job, new car, new fucking everything..... GAAAAAAH!