2005 Feb 23 (Wed), 13:08 Hunter S. Thompson
For those who may not know, Hunter S. Thompson passed this last weekend by his own hand. I am really sad to see such a brilliant and wonderful author go, but I am tremendously grateful of the mountains of work he left behind for me to digest.

You can read all about it with a quick Google News search, but my favorite ode came from Jackson Specific. The following is from the final paragraph:
Turn on the television and listen to George W. Bush, full of braggadocio, ignorant or impudent in the face of reality. Hunter S. Thompson was a spirit of a true America, an America that right now feels very far away. Rest in peace, brave and insane soldier. We will carry on your work. We will aspire to your greatness. You cut a swath through a jungle of inequity. We follow behind, cursing the gnats.
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