2005 Sep 6 (Tue), 13:22 Server Migration
Several servers, including my SVN, Trac, and mail gateway, have been moved recently. Please bear with me as the DNS updates for them. I think I've pointed everything from the old IPs to the new ones, but if I've missed any and someone catches it, please let me know.

2005 Sep 10 (Sat), 00:16 Projects that kack ass

Just wanted to point out two projects that I've become acquainted with lately that kind of kack ass. If you haven't seen these before, you should check them out.
  • Gobby: Gobby is this fancy little editor that has a built in IRC-like client and a distributed developmental scheme. Bah... it's complicated... check the website, read up on it, and take a look at this image for an example. Needless to say, Gobby kicks ass.
  • Silky: Silky is a secure chat client. Think secure IRC and you get the idea (though, it doesn't use IRC of course but SILC as the protocol). Very cool stuff.

2005 Sep 29 (Thu), 13:33 A 40 for the Homies...

I'm sure some people have seen this. I really cannot comment on it at this point... someday I will be able to... but today is not the day. In the interim, I'd just like to poor a 40 oz'er into the street to remember all my Homies.... Peace bro's.

On a semi-related note, Tim's got a wonderful little entry on self-masturbatory nonesense. I know what he is referring to, and, once again, someday I may talk about it. Or I may just forget about it as I do so many other things... who knows.

One thing I can comment on is that I have personally worked with many people like this, and it's always difficult. It doesn't just apply to software, it really applies everywhere.

In previous jobs I've had people who (even now) I'd consider very good friends who have been like this. It's always very hard when people's egos get involved in business. It's even harder when their ego doesn't necessarily match the size of their abilities or even contributions.

That's one of the reasons I personally love Free-Software and Open-Source development so much. In true FLOSS development, such people generally get culled out due to rather stringent meritocracies.

Anyway... I've got no real update other than that. I've been extremely busy and very stressed out with all the junk I've been trying to keep up with in my life right now. Expect a real update once things settle down a bit and I have a chance to breath.