2006 Aug 22 (Tue), 14:33 Declaring Email Bankruptcy
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I suck at email.

Okay... maybe I don't suck. Maybe the problem is email is one of the worst methods of communication ever conceived by man. Perhaps the problem is email is easier to create than consume. Any jackass can string a few words together and fire them off to some coworker down the hall or acquaintance thousands of miles away. But actually reading that email, processing it, and forming a reply, that's harder.

What I really should do is eliminate email from my life entirely. Regrettably, I can't do that.

So, I'm doing the next best thing. I'm declaring email bankruptcy, moving all my unread shit to an email dmz and moving on. If you've emailed me something in the last... oh, idunno... millennia, and I haven't responded... resubmit (unless it isn't important).

Also, I've grown weary of using nonews-lite on my site. I've been using Drupal on my clan site for nearly 4 years now, and have really fell in-love with it.

So, the siren call of Drupal has brought me to the grand idea of unification. If I can get as much crap I host under the Drupal banner, it will reduce maintenance dramatically. Also, it will provide me with a commonality in site administration that my feeble and tired brain desires.

So, in a few days, weeks, or months (hey, I can't commit on any time-frames with how hectic my life is) I will be retiring my current home-page and migrating to a new and shiny Drupal site. All of the old content will remain here, I just don't like URLs dropping off the face of the planet, but it will become even more outdated than it already is.