2006 Feb 13 (Mon), 13:50 Assface McClure
Bah, fuck everything.

Okay, well it probably should come as no shock to anyone who knows me or reads my posts that I am a high stress person. Well, last week my wife had me go in and get scoped. They gave me some good drugs, and I was all loopy all day long. I even called the doctor a sick fucking bastard for doing what he does to people while I was under the effects of the medication.

Anyway, my doctor prescribed me some sort of medicine to reduce acid in my stomach because I have some sort of ulcerous thing that may or may not be pre-cancerous (he wants to reduce the swelling of something so he can be certain it is not pre-cancerous).

Well, it turns out this medication is some $300+ per bottle, and because I've been trying so many different stomach medications lately (none of them have worked) my insurance company has refused to pay for it.

So, here I have this really bad ulcer that may or may not be pre-cancerous, and a fucking prescription from a fucking doctor, and my fucking insurance company wont get me my fucking medication.

Fuck me.

Yeah... this is exactly what someone with an ulcer needs.

Anyway.... I know that trac.samhart.net and the sites hosted there are offline at the moment. I don't know why. As near as I can tell, they've been offline all weekend long. I am seriously thinking of getting a new provider over there.

I'm looking into it.

2006 Feb 13 (Mon), 19:16 Sites back up

Wow, took a long time (failed HDD apparently) but it seems to be back up. Users of my SVN: Please check to make sure everything is still current in the various SVN's that I may host.