2006 Jan 12 (Thu), 02:05 Anger, Frustration, Pissed Off-ness
You know what I can't stand? I can't stand small-minded simpletons who worm their way onto my webpages (and yes, I do have a lot), get irked or irritated at some content, and then contact me and try to have me change it.

The biggest one, of course, is my Ranthole, wherein I make a lot of angry rants. Rants that, really, are more satirical than anything else. But somehow, simple minded people never actually get it. They read them, and they get offended, and they never see what I am saying.

Of course, the ones that really chap my hide are the ones that don't talk to me directly about it. Instead they go and talk through someone else, trying to get them to have me change it. Could be anyone, really... just someone that they think might intimidate me or make me feel bad or guilty as if I am doing anything wrong.

Granted, a lot of this may just be the very ignorant ultra-right-wing conservatism mentallity that permeates the midwest in general. The same people that think you can only be Christian if you vote republican, drive a gas-guzzling SUV, support the military no matter what it's involved in, and eat pound after pound of red beef.

When I say I stick out in the midwest like a sore thumb, I really am not lying. I'm Christian, yes, but I'm also a liberal, and I am also someone who is pretty sick and tired of the way that so-called "Christians" are messing up this country. So few of them really appreciate the freedoms that this country was founded upon. So few of them really realize that Seperation of Church and State means they can are free to worship the way they want, and not the way some external government agency tells them. So few of them realize that without the freedoms we have, especially free speech their very religion would be threatened, and ther very lifestyle at risk.

I know this was a very wandering rant, but damnit, I'm angry. I'm angry because people look at my pages, and they see some swearing, and they see some images I made for the intent of shock, and they suddenly condem me and think that somehow I am evil. Instead of actually reading the message, they focus in on the individual little words.

They don't see the forest for the trees...

Well, anyway... my pages aren't for them. My pages are for people who really do have open minds and the ability to understand satire and the situation our world is in these days.

So I'll end this rant... and not cast any more pearls before swine...

2006 Jan 12 (Thu), 20:04 svn.samhart.net and related sites having problems

Just wanted to point out that the sites and things hosted on svn.samhart.net (this includes pimpscript, trac, tux4kids.net, among other things) are going to be having troubles for a bit.

The server they are virtually hosted on migrated to AMD64 some time ago, and I am now running into some strange issues with the i386 Debian packages on the VPS from its old i386 days. The worst of these is a total wiping of /etc/shadow seemingly randomly (which, obviously is a very bad thing :-)

I'm working on the VPS at the moment, and will update my homepage once it has been completed.

2006 Jan 12 (Thu), 20:51 Upgrade complete

Okay, the sites hosted over at svn.samhart.net, mainly: ...and anything else I'm not thinking of over there, should be back online now.