2006 Mar 2 (Thu), 18:42 IRC Goodness
Wish I had some real updates here, but everything is just too hectic to do much lately :-P

Instead, I just wanted to share with the world in general some of the humor I've amassed from IRC. Basically, every once in a while, something funny is said or done and I feel a need to capture it for posterity.

I know this means no one is safe when they share a channel with me, but, bah, what do I care?

Anyway, without further ado, a smaill listing of my favorites: Anyway, those and more can be found here.

2006 Mar 17 (Fri), 15:45 Server outage

Sad that my posts to my web log lately have all been to warn of server outages, but oh well. The following servers will be down due to a planned server outage:
  • svn.samhart.net
  • svn.tux4kids.net
  • pimpscript.net
  • trac.tux4kids.net
  • trac.samhart.net
  • pastafest.org[1]
  • rpmstrap.pimpscript.net[2]
  • asav.samhart.net
  • people.tux4kids.net
Also down are any other servers that are virtual on these that I may have forgot.

This planned outage will be for approximately 12 hours. The big problem is, when it is scheduled to come back online I will be unable to verify that everything is back online.

Basically, if you have any problems with these, you may have to wait until Monday, March 20th, before I can fix them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

[1] : pastafest.org has a fallover server, and will likely still work
[2] : rpmstrap has a mirror here that will still be active