2006 Sep 26 (Tue), 13:52 Drupal Migration #1
I mentioned last entry that the siren song of Drupal was calling me, well I have my new Drupal site up and running.

My principle problem has been that I want to keep all my old content active, and I'm too lazy to write some crazy import script to pull it all into Drupal. Also, I'd like the current content to be themed the same as the Drupal content, but this, in and of itself isn't hard since I did make a theming engine somewhere in Noink that I use on my personal site.

At any rate, the new site is online here http://ww2.samhart.com/. I will work on integrating now, but, as we all know, I can be slow with these due to all my work. It may take some time before I make it the primary site.