Verizon Fails at Math

Sam Hart

2006-12-11 20:29:06

Just read this little irritating story, and it angried up my blood.

Here's the gist of it: Verizon quoted guy for a bandwidth usage fee of 0.002 cents/KB, or $0.00002/KB. There may have been a misprinted ad or something else that quoted this price. The guy buys it, and is shocked when he gets his bill saying he was being billed at $0.002/KB. Guy calls Verizon to ask them about this, and not one fucking person he talks to understands that $0.002 does not equal 0.002 cents!

Holy fucking cow! How idiotic do you have to be to argue with someone that these two are the same? Egads, Verizon must be full of idiots.