Sam Hart

2010-01-28 18:16:31

Okay, so I've never been a fan of Apple. I always have disliked the Mac computers, even when they crammed Unix inside. I've never liked the interface, and have always found their devices cumbersome to use. I realize there are many out there who love Apple's products with the sort of rabid zeal generally reserved for fanboys, and, although I tend to generalize and say that all Apple users are mouth-breathing simpletons, I will admit that there are probably one or two Apple junkies who aren't.

At any rate, in the time leading up to this announcement about some sort of Apple tablet computer, it was the last thing on my mine. I didn't care about this news; partly because of my general ambivalence and malaise with regard to all things Apple, and partly because I pretty busy working on my own things.

But the announcement came, and went, and apparently a lot of people who were actually anticipating this latest Apple iTurd were pretty disappointed with it. Apparently people didn't want a jumbo-sized iPhone without a camera, any external connectors, or an actual phone in it.

Personally, looking at the pictures of Jobs standing there with this new monstrosity I find the entire thing very comical. To me, it looks like he's holding one of those novelty giant remote controls:

I just can't quite take him seriously with that thing in his hands. It's just entirely too ridiculous.

Well, someone made a Hitler rant about it, and it's pretty damned funny. Enjoy...