Sam Hart

2010-03-01 19:12:35

Wow... information overload..... Where do I begin?

The 10-year life cycle PS3 has a calendar bug

A year or so ago, Sony claimed that the PS3 would have a "10-year life cycle". The idea somehow being that improvements to broadband in the western world would allow the much touted Cell processors to blossom into a global PS3 hive-mind-kind-of-thing and in a decade the PS3 would still be able to compete computationally with the other platforms available.

Well, it's kind of hard to have a 10-year life cycle when the PS3 has a calendar bug that effectively bricks PS3s on March 1st 2010 at 00:00GMT, four years into said 10-year life cycle...

The thing I absolutely love about this issue is that Sony is advising people to not turn on their PS3s :-)

...In the meantime, if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data.

How friggin' awesome is that?

Good Job, Sony!

(Kotaku page that is following this ongoing event)

Every time I try to get out, they keep pullin' me back in!

So, I quit FFXI in February. It was a real quit, I didn't do it half-assed at all. I went through, sold most of my gear, and then split my money and remaining gear between friends. This makes coming back to the game unappealing because I'd effectively have to start over as far as money and gear is concerned...

Well, at the VanaFest event that just ended they apparently announced some really major changes. Changes which sound incredibly cool and basically re-write FFXI end-game.

The level cap thing is HUGE.

See, in FFXI you can have a subjob with reduced abilities added to your main job. The subjob will be capped at 1/2 your main job's level.

This means that if you are a 40 BLM subbing WHM, you effectively have 20WHM abilities in addition to your 40BLM abilities. It also means that your end-game character is defined greatly by your subjob. 75BST/NIN is radically different from 75BST/WHM, for example.

Additionally, this has meant that jobs don't truly become unique and special until they get past 37, as any abilities they learned before 37 would also be available as a subjob to a level 75 main job. So jobs really became defined post-37. Ninja has tier 2 elemental spells as well as some hate-manipulation tools at 40. Red Mage gets its biggest defining spell, Refresh at 41. White Mage obtains specific teleport and raise spells past level 38. Etcetra, and so on.

Well, with this new cap, the subjobs will be raised to 48, which means many (if not all, for a given job) of these abilities that make a job unique in the game can now be utilized while the job is subbed. No longer will you need a dedicated WHM to teleport you to some of the furthest crystals in the land. No longer will you need a Red Mage for the best mana refresh in the game. No longer will you need a dedicated Black Mage for D2 or a Thief for TH2.

Further, you will get jobs which share weapons having access to weaponskills they previously couldn't. It's very likely that Puppetmaster will get the coveted Asuran Fists (previously only available to Monks). Jobs that can use multiple weapons may very well become godlike at 99: Warrior at end-game could be able to use most of the major weaponskills in the game.

This is beyond game-changing...

And, of course, they announce it three weeks after I quit the game.... Bastards...

Funavision's second game

I've uploaded more development footage from our second game. It can be found here as well as here.

We're rapidly approaching completion on this second game.