Merry Christmas, Bitch!

Sam Hart

2006-12-18 22:08:24

Well, I got a last-minute Christmas gift in the form of a new cell phone. The T-Mobile MDA, a cell phone and PDA powered by (blech) WindowsCE (or whatever they call it these days).

Honestly, the little bugger is kind of kack ass. My only real gripe with it at this point is that I can't force it to stop using GPRS for internet connectivity (I'm always in a Wi-Fi area these days, so that's what I want to use instead of this slow-ass and expensive GPRS thing). Oh, and I will say that dialing is a pain unless you have the number already programmed in (try calling someone with the stylus while you're driving).

Other than those two flaws, the phone is rocking. 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, portable apps., it's got it all.

What I now need to find are some good FLOSS apps for it. Here's a list of stuff I need to find:

Note that these all need to be FLOSS apps. I don't want to spend money and I don't want any shitty "Freeware".