Business 1.0

Sam Hart

2007-01-09 02:51:41

Back in 2003, I made a theming system for my personal websites. This was one of the themes available for it.

From the original README text:

About the "Business 1.0" theme

This is my tribute to your average business website. Most business websites are motivated by PHB's with little, if any, idea of what is reasonable to expect of web-browsers and of compatibility. They only care about making a gawdy, flashy site full of neat graphics, slick special effects, and WOW-ZA-GA-GA eye-candy. Ya gotta grab the customer by the bawls!

Anyhoo, this page has tons of Javascript, lots of CSS requirements, and will really only render 100% correctly on a handful of browsers (Konq users should probably just switch to "Minty Fresh" right now)... But, damnit! It'll look slick when rendered correctly.

BTW, on a personal note, this theme was a bugger to make. Boy is my Javascript rusty!

Clicking on the little image to the right will show you how this theme is supposed to look in your browser. If it doesn't look like this, then you really should go and get Mozilla and use it as your web-browser (trust me, it's the best web-browser, hands down, for ANY operating-system... and it's both free as in 'no-cost' and free as in 'freedom'). If you are trying to view this page using any version of Netscape pre-6.0, then you are in for a world of hurt, as Netscape pre-6.0 cannot handle hardly any of the modern web-design elements I employ in this site. Either upgrade to 6.x or switch to Mozilla, it's that simple.

Theme Version Date: 2003-01-06