Spoiled Brat

Sam Hart

2007-02-18 16:32:33

It's no secret I'm an avid gamer.

I've been collecting since I was 3 or 4 years old, have owned nearly every system since Pong, and play games daily.

Recently, however, I've become hopelessly addicted to collections of classic games. The Activision Anthology on the PS2; The endless parade of Midway collections for PS2, GC, and Xbox; The myriad of Atari collections; The divine and sublime Sega Genesis collection for the PS2 and PSP. You name it, chances are I've devoured it.

The only problem is that all of these collections have spoiled me and left me pining for more....

Naturally, the reasons I've been enjoying these collections so much can be summarized thusly:

So I love these collections, big whoop. What's the point?

The point is that I want to know "Where the hell is my TruboGraphix collection?" ...... "Where is my collection of Jaguar games?" ..... "Where is my Sega Master System collection?"

Seriously, there's so many great games on lesser known systems that people could bundle up cheaply and profit from, why haven't I seen more collections with them?

I want to play Bonk's Adventure on my PSP, I want to replay Y's Books I & II and see a video interview of the people behind it, I want to re-experience Golden Axe Warrior as an unlockable eztra. I know they can easily do it, they just need to do it, damnit!

So, without further ado, here is my wish list of collections I wanna see:

TurboGraphix Xperience
All 3 Bonk games, Air Zonk, those wacky pinball games including Dragon Crash, Side Arms, Cadash, and 15 other great and not-so-great TG16 games. Available for the PSP, DS and Xbox 360.

Sega Master System and Game Gear Collection
The 8-bit Sonic games, Golvellius and the Valley of Doom, Golden Axe Warrior, Wonder Boy I, II and III, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, R-Type, Phantasy Star I, Psycho Fox, and 50 other great and not-so-great SMS and GG games. Available for the PSP, DS, PS2 and Xbox 360.

Atari Jaguar and Lynx Anthology
Blue Lightning, Battlezone 2000, Chip's Challenge, Rampart, Iron Soldier, Bubsy, and 20 other classic Jaguar and Lynx games, all bundled up to be played on the go. For the PSP and DS.

RPG CD Classics
Y's Books I and II, Cosmic Fantasy 2, Popful Mail, and Exile. Brought to us by Working Designs, or whoever else can get the rights to these. They were all previously for the TGCD, and have already been translated (Cosmic Fantasy 2, Popful Mail, and Exile were done by WD). They just need to be bundled together on a DVD and re-released. For the PSP, PS2 and Xbox 360.

The 16-bit Sonic Collection
There's actually already been a few collections that have had several of the Sonic games, but none have really done the classic 16-bit games justice. What this collection needs is, Sonic I, Sonic II, Sonic III, Sonic and Knuckles (with the ability to go back and play in II and III), Sonic CD (with the original Japanese soundtrack), and Sonic Spinball. This collection would include Knuckles Chaotix for the 32X as an unlockable game. For the PSP, PS2 and Xbox 360.

3DO Budget Titles
The 3DO had some great games for it, and I'm reasonably certain they could be run under emulation on the PSP, 360, Wii and PS3. So why not re-release some of the best classic 3DO games as budget titles for said systems? I'd certain pay $19 to play PO'ed on my 360, or Gex on my PSP.

So there you have it. Companies, get on these right away! I know I'd buy them.