Angry Angry FFXI-3113

Sam Hart

2007-03-10 02:06:56

Okay, so my wife is out of town this weekend. This means I'll be 'bach-ing' it, all alone. Well, some guys might have a porn night with the guys, or invite strippers over or something. Me, I do something much more sinister....

I play FFXI all weekend long.

Or at least, I would... if I could only get online in the game.

Turns out there's this nasty little error whereby you can log into PlayOnline successfully, but then when you start the FFXI client you get to the "Acquiring Player Data" screen and everything hangs.

It hangs for easily a minute or two.

Eventually, it times out and you get the following error:

Error code: FFXI-3113
Protocol time out error.

Now, the annoying thing is, many people are having this exact error... and yet Squeenix is wanting to blame it on things outside of their network.


Well, it's been 9 hours now, and it hasn't changed. If I don't get to play this weekend, heads will roll.


Maybe I'll go play PSU....