Sam Hart

2007-12-11 23:52:05

So apparently my pastebin has been targeted by spammers. I certainly know that my site (and all of my other sites) have been targeted in the past. I even had to do some extensive clean-ups here at to clear out spam.

But what alternative for a pastebin is there other than, you know, pastebin? I've looked, and none seem to give me the ease and simplicity of pastebin while giving me ample anti-spam utilities. And no, just adding a captcha to pastebin doesn't solve the problem. Hell, captchas here at don't solve the problem. OCRs are too sophisticated and captchas too imperfect.

I have some ideas for stuff that could replace captchas... one of these days I'll probably write them up... maybe make a Drupal plugin that uses them, or my own pastebin. Someday... when I have more free time.

In the meantime, I'll just bitch and moan about how the internet is fucked up by all these asshole spammers.