A closing plug

Sam Hart

2009-09-03 00:34:05

So that's how we handled distributed team base development over at Funavision. I hope this has been informational and that other people inside of the XNA community might find some of the information presented here useful in their distributed team based development.

One final thing I wanted to share was that finding a place where you can host all of this stuff may be kind of difficult. If you're comfortable running it all yourself, then there's a large number of places where you can get a virtual Linux install cheaply enough, however, if you're part of the intended audience I've been trying to help out then you probably aren't comfortable rolling this yourself.

In that case, I'd highly recommend the place that we get our hosting from, Amellus. If you mention me and that you've heard about them from the XNA community, I'm sure they'll treat you right :-)