I'm Doomed

Sam Hart

2007-01-05 14:41:50

Well, if you read my last tirade on the 360 version of Doom you already know that I own a fuckload of Dooms. And despite the apparent resolve I claimed to have in that entry I did, in fact, buy the 360 version of Doom. Not only did I buy it, but I've been playing the shit out of that game. I'm currently on the last chapter in the game, and will soon have every achievement in it unlocked. It's safe to say that I have been devouring it, the single-player, the mutli-player, the various difficulty modes, I've been eating it up.

Well, as if this game didn't already showcase my weakness enough, it seems they will be throwing me yet another curveball...

According to this, it looks like Ultimate and Final Doom are heading to my 360 fairly soon.


Of course, it was logical that we'd see more Doom come to this platform. The differences between the various Doom engines are trivial, and once they get one up and running the cost of getting the others going is minor. And since Doom for the 360 has apparently been pretty popular, it was natural to assume they'd want to go back to that cash cow's tit for one more pull...

But, damnit! I don't want to buy these other titles again!

For those who don't know, these two titles are essentially Doom I and Doom II with some extra stuff (all of which I already have, obviously). Here's the quick and dirty details:

Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom is basically some sort of semi-final codebase for the Doom engine running the original Doom game with an extra chapter. This extra chapter is already available in Doom I for the 360, in fact, I'd wager that Doom I for the 360 is Ultimate Doom already, sans the name.

In other words, if you have Doom for the 360 there's really no reason to get Ultimate Doom.

Now, that being said, Doom for the 360 did include Ultimate Doom content, so who knows? Maybe Ultimate Doom for the 360 will include some of the platform-specific levels we saw in other Dooms like the Jaguar Doom. If so then, DAMN THEM! BAH! I'd have to get this game too!

Final Doom

Final Doom was where they did the same thing as Ultimate Doom, but applied to Doom II. Now this is game that has been slightly neglected on consoles (only being on the consoles maybe half a dozen times as opposed to several dozen) and I could see getting it again for the 360. Final Doom was honestly a pretty neat package originally as it included what could be considered two Doom II games in it.

In other words, I wouldn't feel so bad about getting this again for the 360. It has been a while since I have played it (if memory serves me, Final Doom was also available on the PS1, and I do own it), so it wouldn't be quite as obscene as buying YAVOD (Yet Another Version Of Doom).